Serving women who are ready for transformation from what they we told they should be to what they truly want to be, to discover their passion and live from that soul based essence.


What is Courageous Clarity? According to the dictionary, the adjective courageous derives from the Old French word corage, meaning heart, innermost feelings. And clarity is the quality of being clear and easy to understand and being coherent.  Even though I had no idea how the Oxford Dictionary defined Courageous & Clarity when the name came to me, it is exactly how I approach coaching my clients!  Helping my clients be clear and in alignment with their heart, their innermost feelings, their Soul!

Do either of these sound familiar:

*You been experiencing the same trauma/drama for years, unhealthy love life; one dead end job after the other and you ready for someone to show you how to really, truly and honestly look at what’s going on so you can break the cycle

*You’re in the middle of massive changes, you can’t see one foot in front of you because you feel like your life is a snow globe that someone just shook up

*You are so busy trying to make everyone else, family, friends, co-workers, happy that your are completely miserable and want to scream

*You are ready for massive changes, start your dreams business, have your dream business bring in massive amounts of money and clients but you’re scared shitless don’t know what direction to take

If any of these situations are similar to the stories you are selling yourself that keep you stuck, then I may be able to help you. I’m not a foo foo kind of coach.  I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear, fluff your aura with a program for the masses!  I use my intuitive abilities to guide clients through changes with a clear, honest and deep down look at how they got here, what’s going on now and how to get out of life what they truly desire.  I am honest with my clients, sometimes brutally honest.  But that means I don’t waste their time or money and they get results!  I am there to support my clients when they go through some tough shit!  And I am there when they celebrate the amazing milestones! 

So, ask yourself: A) would l like to work with a coach that has only one program for everyone hoping I am the same as the other hundreds of people in the group? B) would I like to work with an intuitive coach whose clients experience desired outcomes from the unique programs designed just for me and someone that I can trust will tell me what will help me get to where I’m going faster?

If you choose option B and are ready to be in charge of your life instead of the other way around, contact me! We’ll get on the phone for a short 15 minute chat to see if we click!

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What my clients say

Kim challenged me to unearth my most authentic visions for my future. She dug into my underlying desires. She made me prioritize my goals and recognize that I actually wanted to create room in my life to explore my own creative pursuits NOW.

Kathy – St. Louis Attorney

With the tools Kim taught me I am still able to approach things with more ease and power. Kim taught me how to dream again and how to bring those dreams into my reality.

Cindy – Costa Rica

Since having your session, we have connected more, so much happier, had a good time spending time with us – THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR GUIDANCE

Patricia – Ireland


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