Answered Prayers

Praying Woman

We have all been in a situation, desperate for help from above! Whether we have been praying for hours, days, months or years, we want guidance and answers to deal with certain issues.  My question is: Have you been praying and praying for an answer and feel like no one is listening?  Or are you getting answers and just don’t recognize the blessings because you are expecting it to be answered only the way you want it to be?

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who has been praying for a different job.  She just hates the one she is currently holding as it takes over 50 hours a week, takes time away from her young children and hubby and is extremely stressful.  When we spoke the other day, she said she had gotten another job offer.    What? YAY!  “Why aren’t you excited?  It’s what you have been praying for!” I reminded her.  “Well, it’s not as much money and it’s in a different industry than I’m in now”.  Ok, I don’t see a problem here.  The new job was within walking distance to her house, no weekends and off by 3:00pm each day.  She would be saving enough money in gas that it would make a large chunk of the pay difference.  It was with a family business with tons less stress and still has parts of her current job that she loved.  I asked her, “How does it feel?  What is your gut telling you?”  She said that the new position felt right and her husband was all for it.  Yay! Prayers answered!!  But wait!  She didn’t take it.  She was offered more responsibilities at her current position with a minuscule increase and more hours.  She admitted that she was guilted into it by her boss.  She’s doing the best she can to make it work.  No judgment from me, I so hope it is much better for her than she ever dreamed.

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to help you realize that your prayers have been answered. Just because you have an expectation of how you want them answered and it hasn’t turned out like that, doesn’t mean they weren’t answered.  And I have seen firsthand how blessings that come in unexpected forms tend to be much better than ever expected!  Who knows, she could have ended up owning part of that business!  Or being able to travel with her family for business!  So many possibilities!

Moral of the story: If you are going to have the balls to ask for Heaven’s help, at least have the faith and courage to receive the blessings bestowed!

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