Half Full or Half Empty – WHO CARES?!

I saw a post last week about a glass of water. It wasn’t asking about your perception of the glass half full or half empty. It was pointing out issues with holding the glass. If you missed it the concept goes something like this: Place a glass of water in your hand. Holding on to the glass for 5 minutes really isn’t that big of deal. Keep holding onto the glass for a couple of hours – hmmm, getting aggravating, isn’t it. Hold onto to that same glass of water all day is hindering, to say the lease. The writers point is that it’s the same thing with drama of any kind. Holding on to sadness, pain, disappointment and/or hate can hinder your day. Let it go!! Think how great it feels to finally put down that glass of water and get on with your day!
I took this a step farther. Imagine all of the things you are missing out on by concentrating on that glass of water you are holding onto. It won’t take long to miss a compliment from someone when all you can think of is the glass of water. You won’t accept invitations from friends because you have this glass of water. And I’m sure you won’t even think about taking responsibility for still holding onto that glass so you then turn your frustration to other people – it has to be there fault you have to hold onto that glass! Can you see where I’m going with this? What drama is worth all the amazing things you are missing? I can promise you one thing, by holding onto that glass, you are not only missing your life, you are missing miracles that are happening right in front of you! Put that damn glass of water down! LET IT GO!
I’m not saying that this will be easy. What’s easy is continuing to hold onto that glass, complaining and blaming everyone and everything in sight. It’s a deep, dark rabbit hole that isn’t quickly gotten out of. First, you have to want to let it go. Then you have to take responsibility for the issue. You did, in fact, pick up the glass in the first place and continue holding onto it for a very long time! Forgiveness is the next step – forgive yourself for not seeing your power in this situation and forgiveness of all the others involved. Side note: forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s for you. Finally, LET IT GO! You may have to repeat that last step several times. Chances are that drama has become a habit and habits are hard to break! I believe in you, you can do this! If you need help with any of these steps, reach out! If you don’t have a friend that will truly help you (not crawl down that hole with you), contact me for a clear concise session to help you put that damn glass down and start living your life!!

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