Work With Me

Did you wake this morning knowing in you heart that there has to be something better out there?  Do you feel a longing for change but don’t know which step to take?  Overwhelm, frustration, aggravation and just plain tire become your “normal” feelings?  I have been right where you are! The smartest thing I ever did was work with a coach to help me see through the fog to the choices that were there all along.

I must warn you, I am a catalyst for change.  When you work with me, things will be different for you and it may not be exactly what you thought you wanted!  I have a client that was self employed, barely making ends meet and had a dream of publishing a book.  Did she quit her job just to write?  Hell no!  But through the techniques and practices I taught her, she did manifest a six figure position that allows her to work less than she did at her own company and make more money than she ever had before.  What about the book?  Well, in her case, she making more money relieved her stress and working less gave her more time to write the book!  She couldn’t have planned it better.  She didn’t plan it.  She let go of the how and keep her eye on the end game – the book!

Is everything perfect in her world?  Well, not perfect but easier and a hell of a lot more fun.  But she now has the techniques that help her stay centered, stay in the magic of Spirit and manifest what she desires.

If you are seriously ready for something different, ready to get out of the fog of indecision and take back your power, then contact me.  We will chat for 15 minutes to see if we are a fit.  If so, wonderful!  We can get started right away.  If I’m not the coach for you, you will still end the call with steps you can take towards your dreams.